VELOX® - Ready-To-Use Bone Cement Paste
VELOX® is designed to fill non-infected bone defects after a trauma, a reconstruction or a corrective intervention. It is the world’s first injectable calcium phosphate based bone cement paste that is provided as a ready-to-use implant material. The need for an elaborate and time consuming intraoperative preparation, mixing, and transfer of a bone substitute cement is superseded by a novel, patent-protected technology. VELOX® is supplied ready to use and can be applied directly from the syringe, or alternatively by using the cannula, into the bone. As VELOX® sets only after coming in contact with aqueous liquid and not in the syringe, the surgeon is under no time restriction during application. VELOX® is available for clinical applications in the EU since the beginning of 2015.
VELOX® Order Details

VELOX® bone substitute cement paste is provided in a 3cc application syringe together with a cannula. VELOX® is available as followed:

110VXD VELOX® 3cc, non-sterile (DEMO)
111VX2 VELOX® 3cc, sterile
121VX2 VELOX® 2x3cc, sterile
131VX2 VELOX® 3x3cc, sterile