Syntellix History
Syntellix AG was established in 2008 by innovation-friendly and forward-looking investors in Niedersachsen (Lower-Saxony) in Germany, under the overall management of Prof. Dr. Utz Claassen. Established in Hannover, the start-up succeeded in making the breakthrough after a great deal of highly committed work: by setting up an interdisciplinary network of outstanding scientists at various research locations, Syntellix succeeded in developing MAGNEZIX® within five years and launching it on the market - a truly revolutionary material which, despite its metallic properties and high stability, can be completely absorbed within the body - and even replaced at the same time by the body's own bone tissue.

MAGNEZIX® CS implants

MAGNEZIX® CS implants are metallically stable, and similar to systems made of steel or titanium, and are several times stronger than conventional polymer implants. However, unlike metal screws and wires, they do not need to be removed - because they are resorbed, promote healing, and are completely replaced by the body's own tissue. These properties bring very clear advantages for doctors and patients.


MAGNEZIX® Pins have levels of mechanical stability which far exceed the values of previous bioabsorbable materials (5 x higher compared to PLA/PGA implants). This outstanding stability is a new benchmark for numerous applications in trauma and sports surgery.