Consumables & Disposables

Hyacorp Endo Gel ®

is a carefully designed product, used by Surgery, Gynecology, and Orthopedic doctors during surgical procedures to prevent adhesions formation that causes post-operative pain, infertility, bowel obstruction, and restriction of movement in case of tendon and spinal surgery. It eliminates the need for a second operation and ensures post-operative comfort for patients.
Hyacorp Endo Gel is a bio-degradable, sterile, transparent, high viscous gel obtained by crosslinking special designed hyaluronic acid, one of the main components of human connective tissue and of epithelial and mesothelial tissues and it perfectly adheres to the tissue surface and to the abdominal wall creating an anti-adhesion barrier.
Hyacorp Endo Gel is a medical device intended for single use only and is produced from a hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.
Hyacorp Endo Gel is available in 2 ml & 10 ml syringes.
is indicated for laparotomic or laparoscopic abdominal interventions, and for hysteroscopic interventions for reduction of post-surgical adhesion formation.


is manufactured with FDA-approved degradable material poly-L-lactic acid which has been widely proved the biocompatibility and non-toxicity. It has been widely applied in more than 30 countries and demonstrates outstanding efficacy and safety for the repair of the dural defect.
Features and Benefits:CSF Impermeability Redura™ is hydrophobic with more than 90 contact angles which acts as a watertight barrier for the prevention of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Leakage. It attains a favorable dural closure, preventing common complications associated with CSF leakage.

High Strength and No-Swelling Redura™ is hydrophobic with more than 90 contact angle which acts as a watertight barrier for the prevention of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Leakage. It attains a favorable dural closure, preventing common complications associated with CSF Leakage.

Excellent Conformity Redura™ is flexible and conforms to the contours of the brain very well after hydration, limit the risk of foreign body reaction, and mitigate the possibility of immunological response.

The worldwide introduction of the new ENFit connector will reduce the risk of enteral tube feeding misconnections and improve patient safety throughout hospitals around the globe.

ENFit Syringes

  • 100ML Enteral Syringe
  • 60ML Enteral Syringe
  • 30ML Enteral Syringe
  • 20ML Enteral Syringe
  • 10ML Enteral Syringe
  • 1ML Low Dose Enteral Syringe
  • 2.5ML Low Dose Enteral Syringe
  • 5ML Enteral Syringe.

ENFit Reusable Syringes

  • ENFit Reusable Syringes
  • 60ML Reusable Enteral Syringe
  • 20ML Reusable Enteral Syringe
  • 10ML Reusable Enteral Syringe
  • 5ML Reusable Enteral Syringe
  • 2.5ML Low Dose Reusable Enteral Syringe
  • 1ML Low Dose Reusable Enteral Syringe

ENFit Extension Sets

  • ENFit Extension Sets
  • 15cm long extension set
  • 75cm long extension set
  • 75cm long wide bore extension set
  • 150cm long extension set
  • 15cm long wide bore Y-site extension set
  • 75cm long Y-site extension set
  • 150cm long Y-site extension set

ENFit Surfactant Kits

  • Surfactant Kits
  • Needle-Free Surfactant Kits



ENFit Short-Term Polyurethane Feeding Tubes

  • 4FR X 40CM
  • 8FR X 120CM
  • 10FR X 80CM
  • 10FR X 120CM
  • 12FR X 80CM
  • 14FR X 80CM
  • 8FR X 80CM
  • 8FR X 50CM
  • 4FR X 50CM
  • 4FR X 80CM
  • 5FR X 40CM
  • 5FR X 50CM
  • 6FR X 40CM
  • 6FR X 50CM
  • 6FR X 80CM
  • 6FR X 120CM
  • 8FR X 40CM

ENFit Long-Term Polyurethane Feeding Tubes

  • 6FR X 55CM
  • 10FR X 120CM
  • 10FR X 85CM
  • 8FR X 85CM
  • 8FR X 120CM
  • 8FR X 75CM
  • 8FR X 55CM
  • 6FR X 85CM
  • 6FR X 75CM

ENFit Short-Term Polyurethane Nasojejunal Tubes

  • 6FR X 120CM
  • 8FR X 120CM
  • 8FR X 130CM
  • 10FR X 130CM


ENFit Short-Term Ryles Feeding Tubes

  • 6FR X 80CM
  • 8FR X 80CM
  • 10FR X 100CM
  • 12FR X 100CM
  • 14FR X 100CM
  • 16FR X 100CM
  • 18FR X 100CM
  • 20FR X 100CM


ENFit Double Lumen Feeding Tubes

  • Standard Nasojejunal feed/aspiration tube 7/9fr x 130cm
  • Endoscopic Nasojejunal feed/aspiration tube 7/9fr x 130cm






ENFit Accessories

  • Adult Nose Plaster
  • Paediatric Nose Plaster
  • pH Indicator Strips (100)
  • pH Indicator Strips (200)



ENFit Gastrostomy Extension Set

  • Bolus or Gravity Gastrostomy Extension Set





ENFit Gastric Decompression System

  • 250ml ENFit gastric decompression system
  • 500ml ENFit gastric decompression system




ENFit Enteral Drainage Bags

  • 50ML enteral drainage bag
  • 100ml enteral drainage bag
  • 250ml enteral drainage bag
  • 500ml enteral drainage bag
  • 1000ml wide bore enteral drainage bag



ENFit Double Lumen Replogle Tube

  • Double Lumen “Replogle Tube” 10FR





ENFit Bottle Adapters

  • Stepped bottle adaptor
  • 75mm rectal medicine straw
  • 10.5-11mm bottle adaptor
  • 20-21.5mm bottle adaptor
  • 25.5-27mm bottle adaptor – bulk (50 units)
  • 18.5-20.5 bottle adaptor (Oramorph)
  • 25.5-27mm bottle adaptor
  • 18-19.5mm bottle adaptor
  • 18-19.5mm bottle adaptor – bulk (50 units)
  • 15-16.5mm bottle – bulk (50 units)
  • 15-16.5mm bottle adaptor
  • Stepped bottle adaptor – Bulk (50 units)
  • 150ml rectal medicine straw

ENFit Syringes Accessories

  • 20mm needle-free vial access
  • Medicine straw
  • 20cm milk straw
  • 14cm milk straw
  • 10cm milk straw
  • Filter straw
  • Enteral blunt fill needle
  • Enteral blunt fill needle with filter
  • Male syringe cap
  • Males syringe cap
  • 13mm needle-free vial access
  • Pre-filled bag spike adaptor

ENFit Transitional Adapters

  • Transition Adapter for Reverse Luer Tube to ENFit Syrine
  • Transition Adapter for Reverse Luer Syrine
  • Transition Adapter for Large Cone Tube to ENFit Syringe/Set
  • Transition Adapter for ENFit Tube to Large Cone Stringe
  • Transition Adapter for ENFit Tube to Enlock Giving Set/Stringe
  • Transition Adapter for ENFit Tube to Oral Tip Syringe/Set
  • Transition Adapter for Oral Tip Tube to ENFit Stringe/Set
  • Transition Adapter for Funnel Tube to ENFit Syringe

Medicina has developed several types of safety syringes. Enteral/Oral syringes to reduce the risk of wrong route administration and manually and automatically retractable syringes and in a result, help to reduce needlestick injuries.

Luer Slip IV Syringes

  • 1ml Luer Lock IV Syringe
  • 3ml Luer Lock IV Syringe
  • 5ml Luer Lock IV Syringe
  • 10ml Luer Lock IV Syringe
  • 20ml Luer Lock IV Syringe
  • 30ml Luer Lock IV Syringe
  • 60ml Luer Lock IV Syringe
  • 60ml Luer Lock IV Syringe For Insulin

Luer Lock IV Syringes

  • 1ml Luer Slip IV Syringe
  • 1ml Luer Slip IV Syringe Insulin
  • 3ml Luer Slip IV Syringe
  • 5ml Luer Slip IV Syringe
  • 10ml Luer Slip IV Syringe
  • 10 ml IV Luer Slip (eccentric)
  • 20ml Luer Slip IV Syringe
  • 30ml Luer Slip IV Syringe
  • 60ml Luer Slip IV Syringe

Manually Retractable Safety Syringes

  • 1ml Manually Retractable Safety Syringe With 27G Needle
  • 3ml Retractable Safety Syringe
  • 5ml Retractable Safety Syringe
  • 5ml Manually Retractable Safety Syringe With Extended Barrel
  • 10ml Retractable Safety Syringe
  • 20ml Retractable Safety Syringe


Oral Tip Syringe

  • Oral Tip Syringe 0.5ml (Purple)
  • Oral Tip Syringe 20ml (Purple)
  • Oral Tip Syringe 2.5ml (Purple)
  • Oral Tip Non Sterile Bulk 0.5ml
  • Oral Tip Non Sterile Bulk 1ml
  • Oral Tip Non Sterile Bulk 5ml
  • Oral Tip Non Sterile Bulk 10ml
  • Oral Tip Non Sterile Bulk 20ml
  • Oral Tip Non Sterile Bulk 2.5ml
  • Oral Tip Syringe 5ml (Purple)
  • Oral Tip Syringe 1ml (purple)
  • Oral Tip Syringe 10ml (Purple)

Disposable Tourniquet

  • Adult Disposable Tourniquet
  • Paediatric Disposable Tourniquet



Blunt Fill Needle

  • Blunt Fill Needle
  • Blunt Fill Filter Needle






Balloon Gastrostomy Tubes

  • Universal Gastrostomy Tube 12FR
  • Universal Gastrostomy Tube 14FR
  • Universal Gastrostomy Tube 16FR
  • Universal Gastrostomy Tube 18FR
  • Universal Gastrostomy Tube 20FR
  • Universal Gastrostomy Tube 22FR
  • Universal Gastrostomy Tube 24FR


T Fastener Kit

  • T Fastener







Stoma Keyhole Dressings

  • Keyhole Dressing (10FR – 14FR)
  • Keyhole Dressing (16FR -20FR)
  • Keyhole Dressing (20FR – 24FR



Guide Wire

  • Gastrostomy Guide Wire





Gastrostomy Tidy

  • Medium G-Tube Holder (76cm-114cm)
  • Large G-Tube Holder (117-152.5cm)




Decompression System

  • 500ml Gastric Decompression System
  • 250ml Gastric Decompression System




ENFit Enteral Drainage Bags

  • 50ML enteral drainage bag
  • 100ml enteral drainage bag
  • 250ml enteral drainage bag
  • 500ml enteral drainage bag
  • 1000ml wide bore enteral drainage bag



Feeding Sets

  • Flexi Feed Gravity Set
  • Pre-filled Bag Gravity Set









Since 1981, the Nubenco Group of companies has served the global marketplace by providing the highest value medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment to Distributors, NGOs, major Multilateral Organizations, and Governments. To increase our services to our clients, some of our companies distribute third-party products such as Covidien and Carestream (Kodak) among others. Through our many years of experience, we have learned that transparency, quality, and competitive pricing are essential to developing trust, market prestige, and long-term successful partnerships. We have set ourselves apart through the Nubenco Advantage Program and our ongoing program of research and development, ensuring that our products surpass the most stringent quality requirements. Together, with your help, we can serve, grow, and strengthen global health.


  • A family-owned company with over 30 years of serving the global marketplace
  • A truly global enterprise with operations spanning 4 continents
  • Produce a large variety of private label/ brand name medical supplies designed in the U.S.A, registered with the US FDA (CFR 820 compliance pending) with CE mark.
  • Supply third-party pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical equipment
  • Clients include private Distributors, Suppliers, NGOs, major Multilateral Organizations, and Government Agencies worldwide.
  • Serve over 30 leading distributors, with operations in the U.S.A., Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
  • Products and services undergo advanced systems of quality control with the Nubenco Advantage Program

Company Values: Trust, Compassion, Global Sustainability, and the Drive to Win.


Medical Disposables

Absorbent Cotton Endobronchial Tubes Nasal Oxygen Cannulas Sterilization Paper
Airways Guedel Endotracheal Tubes Nebulizer Masks Sterilization Pouches
Airways Supraglottic Laryngeal Masks Face Masks Nelaton Catheters Stockinette Bandage
Applicators Stick Feeding Tubes Net Bandages Stomach Tubes
Aprons Foley Catheters Nitrile Examination Gloves Stopcocks
Blood Collection Needles Gauze Bandages Non-Mercury Clinical Thermometer Suction Catheters
Blood Collection Vacuum Tubes Gauze Compresses Nonwoven Elastic Adhesive Bandages Surgical Adhesive Tapes
Blood Transfusion Sets Hypodermic Needles Nonwoven Nurse Caps Surgical Scalpels and Blades
Burettes I.D. Bracelets Nonwoven Shoe Covers Tracheostomy Tubes
Cast Padding I.V. Catheters Nonwoven Surgeon Caps Transparent Adhesive Film
Condoms Insulin Syringes Nonwoven Surgical Gowns Umbilical Clamps
Contrast Media Syringes and Accessories Intravenous Infusion Sets Oxygen Masks With Tube Urine Bags (Adult, Pediatric)
Digital Thermometer Irrigation Syringes 60ml Plaster of Paris Bandage Vaginal Speculums
Disposable Humidifier Isolation Gowns Polyethylene Gloves Venturi Masks
E.K.G. Electrodes Latex Examination Gloves Polymer Gloves Wood Tongue Depressors
Elastic bandage Latex Surgical Gloves Premium Syringes

Diagnostic and Lab Supplies

Nubenco supplies most products needed for the clinical laboratory. The supply of diagnostics is part of our export market strategy as the export market often requires the convenience of purchasing many products from a single supplier. Product categories include:

  • Diagnostic reagents
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Laboratory equipment

Nubenco reagents have been standardized for ease of use under manual conditions and for “open system” analyzers. The heat-sensitive products are stored and shipped under appropriate conditions thus maintaining product integrity. Many Nubenco reagents have been registered with the US FDA and within the European Union.

Medical Equipment

Nubenco can provide a wide range of medical equipment, which includes most basic items needed to equip a clinic or hospital. All products are manufactured under strict GMP and ISO standards, and most are registered with the US FDA and EU.



To satisfy the conditions of the overseas markets, Nubenco selects medical equipment that is reliable, durable and easy to operate. All products are backed by a strong warranty and spare parts if needed. For sophisticated equipment in certain markets, Nubenco can organize the proper training. For Latin America, Nubenco provides its own Biomedical Engineers to assist in installation and training.

Medical and Surgical Supplies

Nubenco’s greatest strength is its extensive line of private label/ brand name medical supplies. With over 30 years of research and development, supply chain management, outsourcing, and infrastructure expansion, Nubenco can provide most of the world’s markets with the best quality medical supplies at a fraction of the price offered by other American companies.

Many Nubenco products are listed with the United States FDA (CFR 820 compliance pending), bear CE marking, and are available for sale throughout the European Union. Nubenco maintains a program of continuous improvement for existing and new medical devices called the Nubenco Advantage Program. The products undergo the finest specification and quality control measures that ensure that the products are safe, reliable, and easy to use. The product listing page provides detailed information on each of Nubenco’s medical device products, their features, catalog numbers, quality control certifications, and packaging information

The Nubenco Pharmaceutical division acts as an international wholesaler and distributor of a wide range of products including brand name and generic pharmaceuticals. Brand name drugs are sourced from the USA, Japan, and throughout the European Union and comply with the Stringent Regulatory Authority (SRA). Generics are sourced globally from qualified manufacturers outside SRA territories so that we can provide our clients with the best possible cost to quality value. Nubenco has particular expertise in uncommon pharmaceuticals such as oncology and biotechnology drugs.

All pharmaceuticals are produced and tested according to international standards such as USP, BP and EP. Nubenco manufacturers all carry GMP and product certifications from their national authorities. We regularly conduct clinical and stability studies and our registration department has the knowledge and experience to effectively register pharmaceutical products worldwide.

Nubenco supplies its pharmaceuticals through a wide range of distribution channels such as its own independent distribution facilities, affiliated distributors, NGOs, major multilateral organizations, and directly to foreign governments.

Incorporated in 1992, Pepper Medical provides the medical market with products that focus on patient comfort and safety. We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable providers of high-quality disposable respiratory, urological, and orthopedic supplies.

Our product lines include Tracheostomy Tube Holders, Foley Catheter Securement Devices, Abdominal Binders, Heat Moisture Exchangers, and our patented line of Ventilator Anti-Disconnect Devices.

Pepper Medical is a certified women-owned business and a contracted supplier of Novation, Premier, HealthTrust, and NDC


  • Small Universal Catheter and Tubing
  • Medium Universal Catheter and Tubing
  • Large Universal Catheter and Tubing
  • Universal Peripheral IV and Arterial Catheter

Hydrocolloid Securement

  • Hydrocolloid Nasal Gastric
  • Neonatal PICC Hydrocolloid
  • Neonatal Umbilical Catheter Hydrocolloid
  • Extra Small Hydrocolloid & Small Hydrocolloid Tubing
  • Neonatal PICC and Line

PICC and CVC Catheter Securement

  • Universal PICC Catheter
  • MedComp® Pro PICC Hub
  • Arrow® Howes CVC
  • Bard™ PICC Hubs
  • Navilyst® Xcela® PICC
  • AngioDynamics® PICC Hubs
  • MedComp® Dialysis CVC
  • Universal CVC

Foley Catheter Securement

  • Large Foley Catheter
  • Pediatric Foley Catheter

Specialty Securement Devices

  • Nasal Gastric
  • Medium Epidural Catheter
  • BD Arterial Cannula with FloSwitch®
  • Large Nasal Gastric
  • Dialysis Fistula Needle

Our company was established in April 1990 under the name of Mika Medical Co.

(Founder and representative director – Lee, Chang-Hee; Changed the representative director to Lee, Ji Eun in 2017). After having commenced business as a company dealing with a diverse range of surgical products, medical devices, and surgical tools in orthopedics, we have been continuing to achieve stable growth in both sales revenues and profits on the basis of our prolonged period of experiences and efforts put in researches.

PHIL-CAST (Orthopedic Casting Tape)

PHIL is our brand and contains the meaning of ‘We make sure to accomplish’. We shall create together in line with the needs of the customers and market.

PHIL-CAST is manufactured by combining POLYURETHANE, a hardener and FIBERGLASS with outstanding elasticity and flexibility. It is a product that becomes hardened through curing upon contact with water or moisture. Setting time for curing is within 5 minutes with full curing achieved within 20 minutes.

Wide Range of Colors