Wound Care



Hyiodine is a medical device intended for healing a wide range of chronic and acute wounds, including infected wounds. The gel structure makes the product suitable also for healing very deep wounds, cavities and fistulae. Product efficacy is based on the synergistic effect of hyaluronic acid and iodine. In the product, hyaluronic acid is designed to promote a moist wound environment supporting the migration and viability of cells and draw excessive exudate out of the wound. The content of the iodine complex protects hyaluronic acid from bacteria degradation and at the same time provides antimicrobial protection to the wound.

Hyiodine is suitable for the treatment of these types of wound:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Wounds failing to heal after surgery.
  • Leg ulcers.
  • Bed sores.
  • Wounds complicated by fistulae.
  • Acute wounds (cuts, lacerations).
  • Superficial burns (type II a-b) .


Sorelex DESIGNED TO: Clean and deslough infected wounds & initiate the healing process using biological means

  • Venous, diabeticand pressureulcers
  • Traumatic and surgical wounds
  • Infected wounds or wounds at risk of infection
  • Wounds with moderate-to-high levels of exudate
  • Sorelex is not indicated for dry wounds